Self-reliance My Personal Preparedness Journey

It was only in the last 5 years that I have come to believe in a preparedness lifestyle. But the roots of this lifestyle for me were sown decades before.

Along as I can remember I have always believed that I should be self reliant. I was encouraged by my parents to be independent and a large part of me enjoyed being able to do things other people couldn’t. This drove me to become a life long learner, which is at the base of every self reliant person in my opinion. I learned how to navigate with map and compass on land and by sextant and stars by water. As the technology advanced I learned them too. First Loran, then GPS, then web then smartphones. The good thing is I can always go backwards.

Along the way I found zombies! Not real ones obviously. But the movies made me think; what if? And could I survive? This is when I loosely started my zombie escape plan. Nothing official at this point, just a thought process that got the ball rolling.

In high school I took a marine disaster survival course. The skills I learned then were obviously relevant and you knew people had died learning these lessons, so I paid attention.

Much later I got a job as a water treatment operator. Here I had to write/review/implement the disaster response plan. This was an intensive process and when I emerged from it, I was a Prepper. I couldn’t get past, work is prepared for every likely disaster we could think of, why aren’t I in my personal life? I immediately started taking stock of what I already had. Then I made a list of what I needed and from there a list of things I can easily get.

My zombie escape plan, which I had been evolving over the years became my disaster survival plan. I wrote it down. The I read it out loud, and deleted the parts I felt dumb saying. Now I try to do a little prepping every day. Even if it is just learning a little bit about a new skill or a new tactic. A disaster can remove all my supplies, but it can’t take away any skills I have learned. I’m sure one day I will need them to survive. I would much rather have them now, before I need them.

I still like zombies, and when I feel unmotivated on the treadmill I imagine a zombie chasing me. I run a little bit faster. Zombies make it more fun for me to plan for disasters. I know full well that it will most likely be a power outage or a snowstorm or earthquake or flood. But I feel better knowing I won’t be caught off guard if I do see a zombie one day.

I have started buying a little more food each week to build up my store. This was only possible due to my wife’s ability to use coupons and find deals (a self-reliant skill I struggle with). I have stockpiled enough chemicals to treat 90,000 gallons and have the know how to use them. I arranged multiple bail out locations with friends an family.

I have learned so much along the way and am now in a position to share some information (to those who will listen). I started this blog to share what I know and maybe start a few conversations. I hope you like it.


One thought on “Self-reliance My Personal Preparedness Journey

  1. I find your story interesting and hear about people traveling your path often. It is becoming more and more frequent that people realize the importance of having some form of plan and supply, especially with water. I too worked in the Water Treatment field although I was raised in the prepping lifestyle and have been doing it all my life. I have also worked in the industrial maintenance and construction fields and can see how they too infleunce my prepping. It is always great to hear about others learning to prep and willing to help. I am currently in the process of writing a book about prepping, in fact I intend to do a complete library of pocket guides following the different subjects. I am beginning with water, which will also contain a brief introduction into prepping. I wish you luck in your prepping adventure and remember to be safe.
    Common $ense Prepper

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