If It Is Worth Doing Later It Is Worth Doing Now

Don’t put things off. I was once told by a mentor of mine that anything worth doing tomorrow is worth doing today. We were talking about new years resolutions, and why he doesn’t believe in them. But he wasn’t talking about not making resolutions, just that it was a waste to tie them to one day a year. If it would make a great new years resolution then it would make a better decision today. Say I think losing weight is good and I am going to join a gym? Seems good right? Well I could be much thinner by January if I join the gym and exercise today.

This philosophy speaks to a desire to take responsibility for one’s own life, the first step of self-reliance. Taking responsibility in this way stops the behavior of looking to others for blame or a handout. This isn’t to say that help should be avoided. Both giving and receiving help are essential parts of the human experience. People who never give help and people who never accept help are missing out on something very special. In my opinion, self-reliance doesn’t mean self isolation and it doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel just to say “I did it”. Seems like a waste somehow to ignore people in that way.

I don’t want this to become a cliche Carpe Diem article. I just want to discourage people from waiting when it isn’t necessary. This is a philosophy I have adopted in all areas of my life. I still sometimes put things off, but only for real reasons. Things like money, time and other people can make it impossible to do many things immediately. Waiting when it makes more sense to wait is obviously a good idea. Rushing and making mistakes can sometimes do more damage than good. Spending money they don’t have or spending too much or not enough time has got many people into trouble and ruined many projects.

People who believe in preparing for disaster inherently believe this in some way. Not waiting is a central idea towards prepping. It makes a lot of sense because waiting often means too late. With disasters, too late could cost you your life. Even without actual disasters, planning requires a forward looking mindset coupled with the idea that my actions can and will make a difference. To prepare for tomorrow there are thing that must be started today.
With most other things in life waiting to start denies us all the satisfaction we derive from successes big and small. And who really wants that? So I will leave you with a final thought, what are you putting off and when will you start it?


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