Critical Thinking: The Natural History Of Nonsense

When something is capable of changing the way I see the world I pay attention.  I have to, things that affect me on that level are rare and they contain a special power, the power of persuasion.  This time it was a book (link below to a free pdf).  In this book the author takes common misconceptions that many people have and shows how that idea is obviously wrong.  In other words it is an entertaining way to learn about critical thinking, skepticism and the scientific method.  This may not appear to be survival, self-reliant or preparedness related, but try to think about it this way.  How useful is to be able to spot the B.S. for what it is and throw it away and focus one truly effective ideas?  That sounds like a self-reliant corner stone to me.  Have a read and let me know if you agree.  The book was written in 1946, and you may be shocked at how relevant it is today.

The Natural History of Nonsense


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