Quite Possibly The Simplest Prep Ever

This week has been really hard for me to be motivated to complete journal entries for The Omega Man Journal.  I mean I could have squeezed out SOMETHING, but it wouldn’t have been very good and not many people will have wanted to read it.  I personally prefer to have/read good material over filler material.  You know; quality over quantity.  So yesterday there was no new journal entry, thanks to writers block.

At some point yesterday I tweeted “I need some inspiration, Got any to spare?” and I got some very useful ideas from a few people who I met through the #preppertalk hashtag on Twitter.  One response from @Prepper_Jeff however threw me for a loop.  He responded “Here you go… One bucket enough?”.  Now the way my brain was working at the time I failed to see what he was referring to and my subsequent misinterpretation is what started my brain working again.  He was just offering me some inspiration, not an idea or topic suggestion.  I was a little surprised that it worked.  Prepper_Jeff however wasn’t surprised, he said that he keep a lot around for just such an occasion.

And that is in my opinion the simplest preparation every single on of us can do.   It is free and takes zero space.  It only takes a little time.  To complete this prep all you have to is share words of encouragement with people who need it.  These can be long time preppers who just need that push to finish a specific prep or the new prepper who just bought his first “extra” can of food.  I can be so discouraging to see how far you have to go to become a prepared individual.  I have also seen some people proud of a recent prep get shot down for not doing enough, to which I say, as long as you are more prepared then you were before; you are doing great! Keep it up!  Celebrate the little victories along the your preparedness journey.  The journey will be more enjoyable, and I don’t know about you but if I don’t enjoy something it quickly falls off my list of things I should be doing.

Words of encouragement will be more important in an emergency.  Many people will lose hope, have their faith shaken and be otherwise less than motivated.  Every single piece of survival literature I have read mentions that believing you will survive is sometimes the deciding factor in your survival.  Being able to share this belief with someone, when they really need it,  may be the most important thing you do.  So why not fill your bug out bag with encouragement? You don’t even have to repack it.  If we all keep as much on hand and give it out generously imagine how prepared and motivated we will all be!

So if you are stuck on a given prep, feel like there is too much to do anyway so why bother? I say keep it up, every little bit helps.  Take a bucket of inspiration, take two, take as much as you need and let me know how it goes.


6 thoughts on “Quite Possibly The Simplest Prep Ever

  1. my daughter came home from school yesterday with some wise words from her teacher, doing what I can only assume was a lesson on self-esteem. She explained that everyone has a bucket, a reserve of energy from good thoughts and feelings. Positive words help you fill your bucket, negative words deplete the store in the bucket. She told the kids that they have a choice to be a bucket filler, or a bucket dipper. It was cute to have a 7-year-old explain this concept to me, so seriously, and told me she did not want to spend time with bucket dippers.

  2. Whale done! (which is a great book). With as many naysayers as we come across in our own lives, the last thing we need is to be shot down within the Prepper community. Thanks for the article

  3. Excellent post. Good training, actually. Along with just being a good neighbor and helping someone out with their tasks, it is good practice for when things are truly difficult. When we ourselves are stressed, it would be laudable to be able to help others along at the same time. It’s good for now, and good for then.

    • Well said, helping other people is great training for myself. And I am building good will with the people around me. When I need help it will be more likely to arrive because some people will return the favor.

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