About The Ωmega Man

I started The Omega Man Journal to help people understand water and what they can do on a personal and individual level to protect their drinking water.  Water is essential for survival on the most basic level and that sometimes gets lost or ignored in modern society.  In the past I have worked in the financial and energy sectors.  I currently work for a municipality operating their water treatment and sewage treatment facilities.  I was heavily involved in setting up the disaster management plan for these facilities.  That is where I started to see the benefit of preparing for disaster before it happens.  I have found that preparedness meshes very well with my life-time goal of becoming more self-reliant.

All of my articles are based on my professional experience and education, supplemented of course with some research.  Everything I write is advice I follow for myself.  If you choose to follow my advice, that is up to you, the decision is yours.

12 thoughts on “About The Ωmega Man

  1. great site. I am a believer that clean drinkable water is a must, the first thing a prepper needs.I have a link that shares your interest in clean drinkable water. Ill defiantly link you there.

    • Any air tight container will do to keep it dry. Also keep it stored away from acids, ammnoia solutions and other oxidizers. To prevent dangerous chemical reactions.

  2. I plan on putting it into new, 5 gallon plastic buckets with lids until I break a bag open for use then I will put the remainder in Reagent bottles with ground glass stoppers and put that bottle in a plastic bucket. This stuff scares the bejesus out of me. I just want to be safe. Will it still off gas in plastic buckets if the plastic bag has not been opened? Thanks a whole bunch for your help!

    • It should be ok, the solid form is very stable. Danger only happens when it is mixed incorrectly. Or when some is spilled on the floor and then a bleach solution is used. If you are very scared you can always buy a mask with Chlorine cartdrige filters. Or install a ventilation fan at floor height.

      • My plan is a such…I will be storing 12- 1 lb. polyethylene bags of cal hypo either in plastic buckets or sacrifice a big plastic thermo type coolers (kind you take on a picnic and put pop and food in) to put the twelve bags of hypo in. Then put the cooler or plastic buckets in an air-conditioned room in my basement that contains my preparedness items. I.e. bulk food, emergency, kits, guns, ammo (in boxes), survival stuff, etc. There is nothing in the room like running water, faucets, anything electrical except light switch on wall, outlets on walls, etc.

        Will this hypo off gas in the original bags and inside a plastic cooler? Does this sound like an acceptable way to store it to you? I know it may seem like I’m trying to be super careful, but this is all new to me. When I mix it, I plan on opening a bag outdoors and putting a small amount what is called for into a small amount of water in a container outside and then dissolve it and bring it indoors to put into my 55 gallon barrel of water. The remainder of that bag will go into a glass-stoppered bottles and then into a plastic bucket or thermos type cooler.

        • That is certainly erring on the side of caution. We keep ours stored in the plastic bags the come it, then in 5gal buckets after the bag is opened. All of it is done inside and we don’t have problems. However, do what you feel comfortable with.

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  4. Thank you for your advice about how to use KMnO4.
    As a water guy, do you think groundwater is safe after fracking for hydrocarbons has taken place?

    • I haven’t seen any evidence that fracking damages groundwater quality. However, I wouldn’t bet my life on that being true. I would feel more comfortable with a activated carbon filter.

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