Will There Be A War Over Water?

Will be there a war over water resources in the future? I can almost guarantee that there will be.  No I am not predicting the future, I am just channeling the past.  Wars over water have already occurred.  The wars may not have been solely about obtaining water, but I challenge you to name one war that had one goal and was about one thing.  Water has played a key part in every war in arid regions since the beginning of human wars.
Here is a list of times water has been directly involved in human conflict.  It doesn’t list the times water was unintentionally affected by human conflict as I’m confident that list is next to impossible to compile. http://www.worldwater.org/conflict/list/

The point is, water is essential to life, denying someone water is an easy way to break an individual. Continue reading

Back Up Source of Water

Do you have a backup source of water? I do. I am also preparing for the ability to treat water at home. Not everybody will have the knowhow/space/desire to follow my plan, but there are things you can do to protect yourself in the event of a prolonged disaster or emergency. Let’s look at what happened in the town of Walkerton. In may of 2000 there was a prolonged and persistent contamination of the public water supply. The causes of which are well known and on the simplest level; the human, mechanical, and monitoring systems broke down. Seven people died directly from drinking contaminated water and 2500 people became seriously ill, some are still sick to this day from the resulting kidney damage. This was human made disaster, the same thing can just as easily come from a natural disaster. Continue reading

Change of Plans: Evaluating Emergencies in the Momment

Preparedness is by definition a lot of planning. There is tons of action in there as well, but even the actions taken to prepare as based on plans of some kind. I have plans for disaster readiness, my bug out plan, my get home plan and I have more day to day plans, my financial plan comes to mind. A self-reliant lifestyle also needs planning, failing to predict what will be necessary leads to being caught off guard, being caught off guard leads to dependence.

Today I made a lot of plans. I had my whole day planned out. I knew what order I was going to do everything and it was going to work out great. Then one of Murphy’s Laws kicked in, Continue reading

The Economics of Fear

Fear can be a powerful motivator. Marketers are well aware of this. Even flower shops around valentines day hint at what will happen if you forget to buy SOMETHING. People will do almost anything when afraid, this includes buying something. This is sometimes a very subtle form of manipulation that is hard spot. I don’t know about you, but I dislike being manipulated, especially if I have to be afraid at the same time.

I made a decision a long time ago to Continue reading