Quite Possibly The Simplest Prep Ever

This week has been really hard for me to be motivated to complete journal entries for The Omega Man Journal.  I mean I could have squeezed out SOMETHING, but it wouldn’t have been very good and not many people will have wanted to read it.  I personally prefer to have/read good material over filler material.  You know; quality over quantity.  So yesterday there was no new journal entry, thanks to writers block.

At some point yesterday I tweeted “I need some inspiration, Got any to spare?” and I got some very useful ideas from a few people who I met through the #preppertalk hashtag on Twitter.  One response from @Prepper_Jeff however threw me for a loop.  He responded “Here you go… One bucket enough?”.  Now the way my brain was working at the time I failed to see what he was referring to and my subsequent misinterpretation is what started my brain working again.  He was just offering me some inspiration, not an idea or topic suggestion.  I was a little surprised that it worked.  Prepper_Jeff however wasn’t surprised, he said that he keep a lot around for just such an occasion.

And that is in my opinion the simplest preparation every single on of us can do.   Continue reading

Critical Thinking: The Natural History Of Nonsense

When something is capable of changing the way I see the world I pay attention.  I have to, things that affect me on that level are rare and they contain a special power, the power of persuasion.  This time it was a book (link below to a free pdf).  In this book the author takes common misconceptions that many people have and shows how that idea is obviously wrong.  In other words it is an entertaining way to learn about critical thinking, skepticism and the scientific method.  This may not appear to be survival, self-reliant or preparedness related, but try to think about it this way.  How useful is to be able to spot the B.S. for what it is and throw it away and focus one truly effective ideas?  That sounds like a self-reliant corner stone to me.  Have a read and let me know if you agree.  The book was written in 1946, and you may be shocked at how relevant it is today.

The Natural History of Nonsense

Change of Plans: Evaluating Emergencies in the Momment

Preparedness is by definition a lot of planning. There is tons of action in there as well, but even the actions taken to prepare as based on plans of some kind. I have plans for disaster readiness, my bug out plan, my get home plan and I have more day to day plans, my financial plan comes to mind. A self-reliant lifestyle also needs planning, failing to predict what will be necessary leads to being caught off guard, being caught off guard leads to dependence.

Today I made a lot of plans. I had my whole day planned out. I knew what order I was going to do everything and it was going to work out great. Then one of Murphy’s Laws kicked in, Continue reading

If It Is Worth Doing Later It Is Worth Doing Now

Don’t put things off. I was once told by a mentor of mine that anything worth doing tomorrow is worth doing today. We were talking about new years resolutions, and why he doesn’t believe in them. But he wasn’t talking about not making resolutions, just that it was a waste to tie them to one day a year. If it would make a great new years resolution then it would make a better decision today. Say I think losing weight is good and I am going to join a gym? Seems good right? Well I could be much thinner by January if I join the gym and exercise today. Continue reading