Back Up Source of Water

Do you have a backup source of water? I do. I am also preparing for the ability to treat water at home. Not everybody will have the knowhow/space/desire to follow my plan, but there are things you can do to protect yourself in the event of a prolonged disaster or emergency. Let’s look at what happened in the town of Walkerton. In may of 2000 there was a prolonged and persistent contamination of the public water supply. The causes of which are well known and on the simplest level; the human, mechanical, and monitoring systems broke down. Seven people died directly from drinking contaminated water and 2500 people became seriously ill, some are still sick to this day from the resulting kidney damage. This was human made disaster, the same thing can just as easily come from a natural disaster. Continue reading

The Decline Is Happening Now

There is always something to worry about looming on the horizon. Many disasters are easy to see the start and end points of. Natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes or man made disasters like wars, all have clear start and end points. These things are easily dealt with the predict, prepare, respond, repair/rebuild model of disaster management.

Not all disasters are so clear cut. Some disasters build up so slowly that we fail to notice them in time. It is human nature to become accustomed to a norm. If the norm changes slowly enough we won’t ever notice. Continue reading

USA And Canada A Comparison For Better Understanding Of Both

First off, neither system is inherently better. They are different, and are trying to accomplish and prevent different things. Second, I am Canadian so I know that system lot better. However I am not ignorant of the American system either. In university I minored in public administration. That’s not studying how to be a government worker, but the studying the structure, function, purpose of Governments. In other words public administration is the study of how governments conduct their business and politics covers the why. I think at this point I have convinced you to keep reading (or not?).

Canada and the USA have a very tightly intertwined history. We both started from predominately British colonies. There were other European countries with colonies, most notably France, but they had less influence in shaping both countries. Continue reading