Ground Water and Wells

In my article on water sources I discussed what the options are for long term water. In this article I will focus on ground water. Most people in the world get their drinking water from ground water. It is by far more abundant than surface water. Many of you I’m sure are already on well systems and even more of you are on municipal systems that have a ground water source. From the USGS website you can see that there is around 2,526,000 cubic miles of fresh groundwater. Think about that, one cubic mile is one mile long, one mile wide and one mile high. Even one cubic mile is a lot of water. To put it more simply, 30.1% of the world’s fresh water is ground water. Second only to the permanent net ice deposits in glaciers and the ice caps. Needless to say there is a lot of ground water out there. A hydrographic survey will help you find where the ground water is as it is not evenly distributed across the earth (this probably isn’t news to you). Continue reading